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Amanda Vang

Amanda Vang


Associated Scientist (2014-)

Diagnostiski depilin
Department of Diagnostic Medicine
Tel. +298 265246

Akademisk útbúgving:
PhD in Cell Biology/Immunology (2010)
Bachelor Degree in Neuroscience (2002)


-Autoimmune Disease
(IBD, Inflammatory Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis)
-Cellular signaling and function
-Biomarkers and therapeutic targets
-Gene regulation
-Expanding research and diagnostic competence at LS (Flow cytometry, qPCR, gene sequencing, mass spectrometry)

Knýtt at fylgjandi stovnum:

Landssjúkrahúsið (2014- )
Adjunct Professor (University of St. Joseph, 2007-2012)
Adjunct Professor (University of Hartford, 2006-2007)


1. Project Title: Characterizing the immune cell response in HLA-B27(-) Spondyloarthritis, ( Landssjúkrahúsið, 2015-  )
Funding:  Sjúkrakassagrunnurin

2. Project Title:  Targeting PDE8A in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
( Landssjúkrahúsið, 2014-  )
Funding:  Granskingarráđiđ and LS Research Council

3. Research Focus: Disease-modifying immune therapy
(University of Connecticut Health Center, 2010-2012)

4. PhD Thesis Work- The role of PDE8 and cAMP effector molecules in the selective regulation of Teff cell functions
(University of Connecticut Health Center, 2004-2010)

5. Research Focus: Innate Immunity in Multiple Sclerosis
(Harvard Medical School, 2002-2003)

6. Research Focus: Molecular neuroendocrinology of PCBs
(Univeristy of Massachusetts, 2000-2002)


Amanda G. Vang, Hongli Dong, Rebecca Khan Nguyen, Chaitali Basole, William Housley,    Linda Guernsey, Roger Thrall, Robert B. Clark, Paul M. Epstein, and Stefan Brocke. “Differential expression and function of PDE8 and PDE4 in effector T cells: Implications for PDE8 as a drug target in inflammation”. Peer-reviewed: Frontiers in Pharmacology, Accepted January 30, (2015)  

Amanda G. Vang, Kári R. Nielsen, Gunnrið Jóanesarson, Gisela Djurhuus, Maciej Kaminski. Visualizing Phosphodiesterase 8A: a novel therapeutic target for autoimmune and inflammatory disease. Poster: European Congress of Pathology, London, UK (September 2014)  

Amanda G. Vang, Shlomo Ben-Sasson, William Housley, Barbara Kream, Paul M. Epstein, Robert Clark, and Stefan Brocke. “cAMP signaling in Treg cell function and Teff cell suppression independent of PKA-CREM/ICER: a potential role for EPAC”. Peer-reviewed: Biochemical Journal, September 5, (2013).   

William J. Housley, Catherine O. Adams, Amanda G. Vang, Stefan Brocke, Frank C. Nichols, Melissa LaCombe, Thiruchandurai V. Rajan, Robert B. Clark., “Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor γ Is Required for CD4+ T Cell-Mediated Lymphopenia-Associated Autoimmunity”. Peer-reviewed: Journal of Immunology, September 9 (2011).  

Amanda G. Vang, Shlomo Z. Ben-Sasson, Hongli Dong, Barbara Kream, Michael P. DeNinno, Michelle M. Claffey, William Housley, Robert B. Clark, Paul M. Epstein, and Stefan Brocke. “PDE8 regulates rapid Teff cell adhesion and proliferation independent of ICER”.  Peer-reviewed: PLoS ONE, August 9 (2010).   

Amanda G. Vang, William Housley, Robert Clark, Paul M. Epstein, Stefan Brocke. Characterizing the cAMP signaling pathway in regulatory T cells. Poster: New England Immunology Conference, Woods Hole, MA, USA (October 25-26, 2008).

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