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Rape Response Centre


How do I get in touch?

Call this number: 304600.

You will get through to a nurse at the Emergency Reception at the National Hospital of the Faroe Islands. This nurse will take care of you when you get to the hospital.

We are always here. We will answer your call any time and any day.
We can’t see the number you are calling from.

How will you take care of me?

If it is necessary, a gynaecologist will examine you, and we will take samples to make sure that you haven’t been infected with any STDs (sexually transmitted disease).

We will follow up a few days later to see how you are doing, and to offer guidance on the next steps you might want to take, as well as advice on help from other public bodies or authorities.

Do I have to report what happened?

No, you can come to us without reporting anything to the police.

We will store the evidence for 1 year, in case you later decide to report what happened.


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Women’s Shelter
If you are experiencing violence, planning to leave or looking for shelter, the women’s shelter Kvinnuhúsið is an option. At Kvinnuhúsið you can get advice, guidance and help to help yourself. It is also possible to live at Kvinnuhúsið’s refuge for a time. Children are very welcome too.

For further information visit:   

Sex krevur samtykki


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