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Antenatal Care

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Antenatal Care

J. C. Svabosgøta 62
FO-100 Tórshavn
Phone 30 45 25


Tuedays and thursdays
between 10.30am - 12.30pm

Ask for an appointment at
phone no. 30 45 25

Head of department

Rannvá Debes Christiansen, midwife

During pregnancy and birth we offer services that you may attend to in order to make sure, that you and your baby are doing well.

By contacting the Antenatal Services, you can consult a midwife, attend antenatal classes and receive acupuncture, as well as go to Stop Smoking courses. 
Midwife consultation during your pregnancy is primarily situated in the blue building. See photo and map above here for contact info. 

Ultrasound scan and appointment with specialists
The hospital provides examination of mother and baby during pregnancy, ultrasound scans and medical appointments with specialists in gynecology and obstetric for maternity patients with special needs. 

Try the due date calculator here. 

Antenatal classes in 2019
You are welcome to attend to antenatal classes at Veitsluhøllin in Eirargarður 7, between 4-6pm at these dates in 2019:

February 6th and February 13th
April 3th and April 10th
June 12th and June 19th
September 4th and September 11th
November 6th and November 13th

Classes are held as lectures with opportunity for questions. The lectures will be held for two following Wednesdays. Registration is not required, and you are welcome to bring your spouse.

Visit the Maternity Ward
There is a tour of the Maternity Ward the first Monday of each month at 5pm. 
Meeting point is by the entrance to the Materniy Ward A2. Registration is not required.

Staying overnight
If you live outside of Tórshavn Municipality there is possibility for staying at Gestalonin at Eirargarður 4, situated in the hospital area. Ask your midwife for more information.

What to do when there are signs of labor
Prior to arrival, you must call the hospital at phone no 30 45 00 and ask for the midwife on duty.
If it is your first child and the pains have set in, it is wise to wait at home until there have been 5 minutes or less between each pang for about an hour. If you have given birth before, you must come to the hospital earlier.

If the amniotic sac ruptures, you must always call the midwife on duty. You will most likely be asked to attend an examination at the hospital. During nighttime if your situation is uncomplicated, you may stay at home until morning or until you have labor pains. If you are in doubts, whether things are right or not, you are always welcome to call the midwife in duty.

During childbirth, a midwife will be assisting you, and afterwards you will be proposed a physical examination as well as a conversation with a midwife.

Read about the Maternity Ward here.  

Hospital services in the Faroe Islands are at no cost according to law, provided you have a legal Faroese address registered at Landsfólkayvirlitið and have gained a permanent civil registration number, and that you have resided in the Faroe Islands for more than the previous 6 weeks.
Please email International Patient Services at for further questions on these matters.

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J.C. Svabosgøta 41-49
100 Tórshavn
Tel. +298 30 45 00
Fax +298 31 74 31
V-tal 345334
Our aim is to offer the Faroese population and international patients a high quality health service in as many areas as possible. In those areas of health care where the hospital is not specialised, our aim is to offer patients the best possible treatment through close co-operation with other hospitals in the Nordic region.