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Maternity Ward (A2 skurðdeild)


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Maternity Ward (A2 skurðdeild)

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Maternity Ward - building A,
Head entrance
J. C. Svabos gøta 41-49
100 Tórshavn
Phone: 30 45 00 - ask for the Maternity ward

Visiting hours

3-4 pm
7-8 pm

Head of department

Elin Helena Ásudóttir


Rannvá Debes Christiansen

The Maternity Ward is equipped with all necessary modern facilities and highly skilled staff, to ensure a safe arrival of your child, incl. midwives, obstetricians, pediatricians and nursing.
The award has a special care nursery with neonatal equipment and specialized staff for babies who need specialized attention.

After childbirth
Our nurses provide assistance with nursing, care and breastfeeding with regards to the close relationship between you and your baby, development, hygiene and prevention of illness.

Every evening at 8.30pm, a short film will be shown about breastfeeding, and assistance and conversation will be accordingly.
Physical training with a physiotherapist is Monday to Friday at 12.30-01.00pm.

A conversation with you
An employee will have a conversation with you at admission as well as prior to you being discharged. Together with you, we will find out when you and your baby are ready to go home.

Physical environment
The Maternity Award is situated on the second floor in building A. Use the main entrance to the hospital, and ask at the reception desk if necessary.
The award has two delivery rooms and a family room, where the maternity patient will be taken care of during labor pain and the first hours after delivery.
At the examination room you will be attended to by a doctor or a midwife.
There are both 4bedded and 2 bedded rooms for your stay, as well as a nursing room for babies, where the doctor will examine your child prior to going home.

Read about antenatal care and ultrasound scan here, and a pamphlet about breastfeeding here.

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J.C. Svabosgøta 41-49
100 Tórshavn
Tel. +298 30 45 00
Fax +298 31 74 31
V-tal 345334
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